Elect JJ Carrell

Rapid City Ward 5

JJ Carrell

I am proud to call Rapid City our home, where my beautiful wife and I are raising our son Joseph with the strong South Dakota values we cherish, and I am blessed to work and invest in the future of our child and all our children’s future.

As my 24-year career in the United States Border Patrol began to end, I sought out a new career that aligned my experience and afforded me the opportunity to continue to be a part of an organization that’s mission and goal was bigger than one person. I found that within Rapid City Area Schools in my new position as Director of College and Career Readiness. The greatest part of my new career is when my department is successful, students succeed!

Here in Rapid City we are a fiercely independent people who have a strong belief in responsibility and self-reliance, and the strength of those qualities and beliefs has served my family and our community well. Because of those beliefs, we are forthright, straightforward, and thoughtful. The awe-inspiring beauty of the Black Hills is surpassed only by the character of our people.

Many times, in our family prayers, we thank God for His blessing to live here with the freedoms and values we share in Rapid City. Each day, we feel more joy from our blessing to live in a city that offers us hope for our future, in a time where many other places in our country do not.

The challenges we face in Rapid City, and in particular Ward 5, are opportunities. Opportunities for a stronger and safer city and community where we can continue to take great pride in our way of life. To confront these challenges head on and maximize the numerous opportunities, we need leaders that have moral courage, determination and who possess the ability to make decisive and correct decisions.

That’s why I’m asking for your vote and support this coming June 7th, to have the privilege and responsibility of being your voice on the City Council as a strong, honest, and fair representative of Ward 5. My promise to my friends and neighbors of Ward 5 and Rapid City is I will be a determined voice for my ward, and I will always make decisions rooted in common sense and what is best for Rapid City.

Meet JJ Carrell

My name Carrell is pronounced the same as Christmas “carol”.

I come from a big family. I am the oldest of 4 sisters and a brother.

My father was a Secret Service Agent and my family moved quite a bit but settled in the deep south. I grew up in Louisiana and Alabama.

I went to Southern Arkansas University on a football scholarship and later earned my Masters Degree.

I joined the United States Border Patrol and I was stationed on the furthest point west of the United States. I worked my way up the ranks into senior leadership within the Border Patrol and retired after 24 years of service. I am very proud of my time patrolling the border with my brothers and sisters in Green.

I am married to my wife, Connie and we have an awesome son named Joseph.

I played semi-pro football in a law enforcement league throughout the U.S. for 15 seasons.

I was on the hit television show “The Amazing Race” and came within moments of winning a million dollars!

I love coaching my son in all sports. The huge payoff is that I get to spend time with my son.

Being a father, especially to Joseph, is the greatest gift God has ever given me.

I am the Director of College and Career Readiness in the Rapid City Area Schools. I love my new career and the professionals I work with every day.

I am Mentor in the TeamMates Program.